Freestyle Scooter Flip 3D

Fact Sheet and Press Kit

Do you enjoy scooter games at skate parks?  Riding on mega ramps from around the world, flip your scooter with amazing tricks and stunts. Thrill seekers and riders apply! Prepare your scooter for the biggest tricks with skateparks or varying levels of difficulty. If your passion is extreme sports games then you have come to the right place! 

Become a professional freestyle skater, taking 3D scooter games racing action to a new level. Complete different levels consisting of difficult and dangerous tricks and jumps. Like the best casual games, performing scootering stunts can be enjoyed be anyone who is into skateboard games or scooter games at skateparks. Easy to pick up very quickly but like all extreme sports it will take you some time to master the skate parks and ramps.

Like the worlds best extreme skaters you can upgrade your stunt scooter, your rider and earn new tricks itself to create the best scootering experience.

Upgrade your stunt scooter to score higher points and unlock new stunts and tricks. Beware of wiping out and be coming a ragdoll on the ramp.  Hit the skateparks from around the world and perform incredible jumps in show off your high score to your friends.

- Get extra scooters
- Choose your own player with different skills and abilities to gain more coins and unlock better tricks and stunts
- Use your freestyle skills to jump higher on the halfpipe , showing off your scooter flip skills and do loads of amazing tricks.
- Realistic physics

Scootering freestyle you must try to beat the best score on different skate ramps and half-pipes from around the world. Fantastic and realistic graphics that give you the best scooter flip game

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